Welcome to Colorado Audio Visual & Design. The nascent era of the digital economy will be punctuated by breakthrough technologies and the services which use the new infrastructure to deliver media and facilitate communication.  An individual or company trying navigate the ever changing landscape alone will surely find it a challenge if not an insurmountable barrier to the future.


Our group of forward looking creators, technologists and directors is primed and ready to tame the technological tempest whether that be in the form of live event technology, video production and cross-platform distribution or an entirely new development in the media ecosystem.

Equipment Rental

Work with our professional event full-service AV team; or choose to have us deliver and rent audio visual equipment without services.

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Video Streaming

Use live streaming to broadcast your event to any social platform or website. Travel isn't an option? No worries, we can still link you to your clients anywhere in the world for those important board meetings or webinars that you just can't miss. Our live streaming capabilities are out of this world!
LiveStream: For those events that can’t wait for the editing room we offer a livestream service. We can broadcast to any of the major platforms such as youtube, livestream, google or to a customized solution of your choice. With our long experience in live event video production you will be in good hands to make sure the product being viewed on the web is of network broadcast quality.

Video Production

CAV will work all the way with you developing your video concept to shooting on location. We have the capability to shoot live, multi-camera-switched events or single camera recordings. Our post-production team can incorporate graphics, animation, HD video clips into your shoot. Our "out-of-the-box" creativity can make your product demo, documentary, or commercial the captivating experience you've been looking for.
Video Search: A new era for both CAV and for search engines everywhere. Colorado Audio Visual in partnership with Microsearch have developed Video Search Engine Optimization or Vidseo for short. Vidseo allows the user to search for specific words or phrases within your videos. When you click on one of the results you are immediately taken to that point in the video. A transcript scrolls next to your video as it plays. At any time you can click within the transcript to jump to that part of the video! There is much more functionality however the core features of a searchable index really open up your video to a wealth of functionality and accessibility. We will soon have a Vidseo demo page and video to show you everything we’re working on so stayed tuned!

Event Services

Over three decades, CAV has consistently produced many of the best-known resort special events in the country. Our team of audio/visual production professionals can execute and manage your event with flare. Overcoming challenges is one of our strengths. Hand your event over, to the experts in entertainment, knowing it's in safe hands. We will gladly create a trouble-free experience for you and a memorable one for your audience.
LTN: Who needs a satellite truck? We at CAV manage the LTN node at the Aspen Institute. This allows us broadcast level video and sound to be delivered to any control room in the world, without a satellite truck! Getting that perfect live interview has never been easier. Simply book your time with LTN then schedule our CAV camera crew.

Stalk the Team...

Alex has many years of managing meetings, conventions, and productions under his belt. Starting in Arizona, his work with Swank Audio Visual took him to Las Vegas. Then, PSAV acquired him to manage one of their many hotels in Downtown Denver. It wasn't until 2016, he joined the staff of CAV and came into his own helping to manage some of the best conferences and festivals Aspen has to offer.

Since his childhood, Michael Burns has dedicated his life to designing, managing, and producing all aspects of entertainment. And now with CO AudioVisual he's bringing the people a whole new idea around what it truly means to be entertained. From professional theater, television and film, live concerts, trade shows and exhibits with some large scale festivals and events mixed in he's just about covered it all.

John comes to us from the north woods of Traverse City, Michigan. After studying astrophysics and video production at Michigan State University John moved west and found himself an instructor at the University of California Santa Barbara as the Senior Producer-Director for Instructional Development. Unable to purge the need for dramatic landscapes his next move was to the Eastern Sierra's jewel of Mammoth Lakes where he assumed the role of Director of Audio Visual Services and Infrastructure for Mammoth Mountain Ski Area. John brings 8 years of video production, audio-visual and broadcasting knowledge to the Colorado Audio Visual team. If John is not on the job you can find him cycling, making turns in the snow, and crossing boarders with a backpack.

Things Mark loves; Nurses, long walks in the moonlight, Macintosh computers, local honey, a well run show, the arts, photography, Erte, punk music, deep shag carpets, whiteout snowstorms, traveling, dandelions, zombies local craft beer, opera and more.


Things Mark hates; windows 7, racists, that we have a department of war and no department of peace, plastic wrapped food, pavement, suits, religious intolerance, black olives, Oliver North, Budweiser, our throwaway society, anybody that doesn’t care.

Mike is sporting 12 years experience as a Director, Camera Operator and Lead Operations, Mike has contributed to, live national television events, concerts and in studio productions for clients such as ESPN, CBS, CNN, and FOX.  His hard work ethic, flexibility, and skill set, makes him an asset on any production, be it in the studio or on extreme location.  Having worked with dignitaries including Bill Clinton, Madeline Albright, His Holiness the Dahlia Lama, John McCain no project is too big or small.

Brad has over 25 years of experience in the field of video production, including editing, camera operating and technical directing, Brad's work has been seen on the three major TV networks, as well as ESPN, CNN, CSPAN, FOX, PBS, CBS Sports, and Good Morning America. He has been a technical director for the Charlie Rose show and edited for the Tonight Show. Contact Brad to organize and oversee the video aspects of your project or meeting.

Patty has been a part-time member of the CAV team since 1989. A BFA in music lead her to lighting while at university in England. Many years of considering "How it looks" makes Patty an asset to the CAV group of experts. She has, over the years, gained considerable knowledge in all aspects of technical production.

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